I miss my life so so much, but at the moment I really miss dancing :frowning: Really unfair.

Countless lives have been saved since I had to quit the ‘Floor’. A whirling Dervish on speed was a fair description,but oh my, did I have fun.

I reckon you’ll find something else to apply your energy to.


If you can’t dance at least wiggle your able bits but listen to music as much as possible. It is so good for the weary body and mind. Sandypops

What type of dancing did you do?

This isn’t so mad as it sounds - I was told by a doctor who had MS herself - to try ballroom dancing as it is good for your balance and because you are supported by your partner it is safe.

I don’t do the ‘gay Gordons’ type of dancing ,but do enjoy a waltz and slower types of dance. Can’t do too many in a night (not like in my previous life when I danced until my feet didn’t want to touch the floor next morning!) however I can do a bit and sit a bit - not always ellagant or gracefull but I don’t care I enjoy it.

Modern type dance where you dance on your own is beyond me now - hey ho!

Luv Ann

It’s the one thing that gets me down too.

I wish I had danced more and had the nerve to get up before a couple of drinks xxx