Anyine do random things 'despite' MS? Inspiration needed :)

Up til a couple of months ago I taught pole-dancing lessons at a gym. I had to cancel my last class when I couldn’t stand up after having a bath… but prior to that, I had taught my classes in full, with the added difficulty of ‘instructing’ the warm up whilst standing on the spot doing squats (an aerobic warm-up was impossible when I was scared of tripping over my own feet!). High heels weren’t really a regular thing as the gym didn’t really go for it but I’d had to stop wearing them anyway.

So I’ve done absolutely no excercise since the beginning of March but on Sunday, one of my old students is coming to my house to spot for me when I try to get back on the pole.

I’m 50/50 on being terrified that I won’t be able to do it at all and sooooo excited at the same time. I am pretty damn sure that whilst my ‘dancing’ might be a bit ropey (what with my joltey legs) I’m pretty sure my core strength couldn’t have just vanished overnight. Besides, I taught it with MS, albeit I didn’t know what was going wrong with my body at the time!

A label should not stop me right??? Maybe I’m being over-optimistic to still think I can do it when I’ve pole-danced for about 7.5 years, yet my ability to walk properly has disppeared after about 42 years lol. Seriously though, I’ve always been very clumsy so I always felt the pole gave me support/something to hold onto.

  • My question is, does anybody else do something that they didn’t think was even possible when they were diagnosed?

My consultant didn’t have a problem with me continuing, as excercise is good, but I have a funny feeling he may not have really understood (i.e. the old misconception I just gyrate around a pole) - put it this way, the arrangement with my student is to appease my Mum and husband as they are both worried I may break something, or worse.

Sonia x (remaining otimistic as possible!)

go for it sonia!

my sister was having some building work done and a few of us called in after a giddy night in the pub.

my sis started pole dancing on the acros (that were holding her ceilings up! the builder went mad at her)

carole x

Ha ha ha, most of us that pole have done pole tricks on scaffolding, tube trains, playgrounds and some have even used trees

Sonia x

Sonia, if it is something that you love, that will keep up your strength and fitness and you can do safely or with minimal risk then totally go for it. I have had MS for 10 years and am now in a wheelchair and could never have seen myself having the energy or drive to do high impact sport again and even though I had been a competitive sporty person in the past I thought that part of my life was over. But recently I have taken up wheelchair basketball which I absolutely love and it has really helped reduce my overall fatigue levels and is doing wonders for my mental and physical health plus I am loving being part of a team again. So go for it absolutely! Good on you!


Sonia…do it! You``ll soon find out if you can`t, eh?

Fingers crossed the squats can still be achievable.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

go for it girl

I went back to ballet after decades off and did my RAD Intermediate and Grade 8 after my diagnosis. I also started taekwondo and got a second dan black belt before having to give it up.

I can’t do any of it now, but I had a damn good run :slight_smile:

Enjoy the pole dancing!

Karen x

Well, it wasn’t a disaster. Legs were really wobbly but after the first really shaky invert, I did manage a clean-ish second attempt and managed to descend whilst holding a pose and I can still climb.

Spins were kept to a minimum as the vertigo kicked in, my girl Ria was amazingly supportive, she reckons she couldn’t have done half of what I managed after 12 weeks off. All in all, pretty happy and now the pole’s up I can start some conditioning exercises on it. I really hope I can carry on but I don’t think I can to go back to teaching it, I think there’s just too much pressure then, especially if having a wobbly day

Sonia x