My husband has been in respite for two weeks and I will be collecting him later today. Not looking forward to collecting him or having him back home. Life has been so much better not having him there and tomorrow I will begin counting days down until he is back in respite.

Terrible to admit this but it is a true reflection of my feelings.

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Oh this is a sad situation. I’m sure you are not alone with this feeling. MS often changes our personality as well as making physical changes to us. And that doesn’t make it easy for our partners to live with the changes.

I’m glad you were able to express these feelings on here. Is there any chance your husband could be cared for in a residential situation rather than by you at home? I assume his MS is quite advanced which is why you find his return home to be so challenging.

Is there anyone you could speak to about this? Any possibility that you could make changes to your lives to make it easier for you?

I wish you all the best.