Rude locksmith specialists and panic attacks

Never in your life use the services of Acorn Security Locksmiths. I had a misunderstanding last week with them which eventually has grown in a panic attack. I stayed 2 days in the room locked and panicked. Now, I’m better, but obviously I am not going to use this agency anymore.

Mhmm I’m really sorry for you. I heard only positive reviews about them.

Locksmith tower hill prices seem to be decent, I’ve change a lock on my patio door, its an UPVC and it took me nearly 50£ so I think the price is good, regarding silicon spray, well to be honest it’s much better than using WD-40 but it does not prevent you from a broken lock or a stuck key in the lock. You have to spray the locks for a better work but it does not mean you won’t have to change a lock in a couple of time.