Rude-ish.....................But worth a peep

A guy goes into a gun shop and buys a small hunting rifle.

Eagerly he goes into the mountain woods to get himself a Bear so he can use its fur as a rug.
After a while he spies a really big bear, he gets into position and fires at the bear.
The bear flinches, rubs its butt and turns around with an annoyed look on its face! It sees the guy looking on in bewilderment.

The bear approaches him and growls “Did you just shoot at me?”
The guy stunned to hear the bear speak just nods.

The bear grabs the shooter, pulls down his pants bends him over a log and proceeds to mate with the guy saying, “This will teach you not to hunt bears.” The bear leaves the now traumatized shooter to go home, recover and think about his actions.

The would be hunter goes back to the shop and demands a bigger gun, explaining what had happened to the shop owner. The shop owner pulls out a bigger hunting rifle and says, “With the power of this gun and these bullets, you’ll have no problem taking that there bear and he’ll make a fine rug knowing that you got your revenge”

Eagerly the hunter goes back to the same place to wait for the same bear to appear, this time the bear arrives with another big bear.
The hunter takes aim and bang the bear falls to the floor, the other large bear runs and hides.

This time the hunter walks over to the bear, rolls him over only to find the bear is unharmed and looking annoyed. “You tried to shoot me again didn’t you?”
Amazed the guy just nods.
The bear calls over his mate and they both take turns mating with the hunter and again leave the hunter to go home and recover.

Again he goes to the gun shop and explains what happened.
This time the salesman gives the hunter a huge rifle with very big bullets and the hunter heads off to the woods to take his revenge on the bears.

Eventually the bear shows up and the hunter takes aim, BOOM!
The bear falls over and doesn’t twitch a muscle. Feeling really pleased with himself, the hunter approaches the fallen bear and stands there feeling proud until the bear opens his eyes and sits up.
Ready to run, the hunter turns only to find himself encircled by a whole family of really big bears!

Realizing he can’t escape; the hunter drops his pants and bends over a fallen tree.

The bear moves forwards and whispers in his ear…

“Admit it. You don’t really come here for the hunting do you”

ha ha ha! once again i got tea in my nose!

woblyboy - you are so naughty! - but we like you!

Thanks for the plaudits,but Campion sends me these ‘Naughty but Nice’ gags.Maybe I’ll start putting a warning,“Put all drinks down and move away from fragile heirlooms”

Wb xx <(L)>