Clever this

A man walks into a pub and makes his way to the bar and just stands looking around, the landlord says can I help you? The man smiles and says it’s a fine looking pub you have here, the landlord thanks him and says can I get you a drink, the man nods and said that’s very kind I’ll have a pint of bitter please, the two of them chat while the man has his drink, when he finishes he thanks the landlord and makes to leave, the landlord says wait a minute, what about payment for the beer, the man looks at the landlord and says I didn’t ask for a drink, you offered me one and I didn’t want to turn you down, the landlord was fuming but knew he’d been duped and told the man he was barred and never to show his face again in the pub.

Six months later the man walks into the pub again and the landlord recognises him straight away, the face etched in his memory, get out he says, your barred, the man looks a bit puzzled and says that’s no way to treat a customer, the landlord says again, get out your barred, the man says I’m sorry but I’ve never been in here before, the landlord is a bit uncertain now and says, gosh you must have a double, the man says thanks very much I’ll have a large whisky

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Took a couple minutes to figure out :slight_smile:


i got that right away but then u know where i live!

LOL, very funny

Got that one straight away…very funny

i got it straight away and gave a little chuckle groan!