don't belive all you see. joke

Two pieces of string enter a pub, one sits at a table whilst the other piece goes to the bar, he asks the barman for two pints of stout, the barman over and says, sorry, we don’t serve string in here. The string returns to the other string at the table, he said that the barman won’t serve string. The other piece replies, right, I’ll see about that. He then ties his end in a knot and ruffles hair and walks up to the bar where he asks for two pints of stout. The barman pours the stout, half pouring the first pint he asks, are you a piece of string, the string replies, no I’m afraid not. Brian

I had to read it twice too…very funny

Lol, brill

Eerrrg tumbleweed rolling across the forum.

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I can’t believe it has taken me all this time to get it. I showed it to hubby and he explained it to me straight away.

Very funny now I get it!!!

Shazzie xx

Yes … I chuckled in an instant…THEN…started to work it out!..Hmmmmmm It’s getting late now