The two nuns were busy setting up the soup kitchen in the poorest part of Naples, they never notice the dusk coming down, suddenly the older nun said, oh quick Sister Veronica, “we must hurry or we shall be late, or miss altogether, supper and night prayers”. Oft they went in a run towards the convent. Realizing, they would never make it in time, they borrowed bikes from two lads in the square. “This way”, said Sister Veronica, “I known a shortcut”. Down a narrow street they went. “I’ve never come this way before” said the older nun, “it’s the cobbles” said Sister Veronica.

As a fan of the city of Napoli, I pictured the scene perfectly!! Lol Ali x

Took me a while to get it but made me laugh out loud when it did. Very good ! Sparkly x

I like it. Good one!!

Shazzie x

I’ve not been on this site for ages as have had a really bad time over the last 6-9 months, but really glad I decided to have a look today, because the first two posts I read were this one and the other joke about the WiFi and they’ve both made me laugh hysterically, so thanks for cheering me up

Dawn x

Good day Dawn, I aim to please, life can, and is hard, so I will make funny whenever possible, Brian