RRMS - how long do relapses last?

Just what’s in the title really! I’m sure it’s different for lots of people. Also, is it possible to be completely recovered between relapses? Thanks! peacelily

Hello peacelily

As long as they damn well like. That’s the short answer. And yes and no.

MS is a contrary beast. It will do whatever it pleases. And a relapse can last a few weeks, or a few months, or can peter out so slowly that it feels like the symptoms aren’t improving at all. Until one day you suddenly realise that for a couple of weeks that particular symptom felt better.

And yes, sometimes a relapse can land on you while you’re still recovering from the last one. Sometimes you’ll get full remission from a relapse and other times you might not. I’ve not felt my feet properly since 1997. But I can’t remember what feet used to feel like. Plus, sometimes nerves compensate for deficits, so ‘normal’ becomes ‘new normal’. And that changes as time goes by.

It’s something that you learn over time, that you can’t rely on MS to always behave the same way every time. And that a relapse can be different each time. And what you experience might be different from the next persons experience.

MS is a collection of symptoms, some of which we share and many of which we don’t. Or don’t share in exactly the same way.