Relapse questions

Hi, i know theres no ‘fits all’ however - how do you know if a relapse is over - how many different symptoms in different body parts can we expect to experience in a relapse? Thank you, have a good day x

i have always taken it to mean a new symptom has occurred or an old one which has been lying low gets worse.

however really i have no idea despite having been diagnosed 10 years.

how long is that piece of string anyway.

I have absolutely no idea either.

What tends to happen in a relapse is that the symptoms gradually get better. But that can take weeks or months. Eventually, you’ll wake up one day and think ‘I can feel my toes again’ (or whatever). Tracking the changes is easier with a diary.

The other thing you will notice as you become more experienced with MS is that your body compensates for nerves that aren’t working properly. So your feet don’t feel right, then your new normal becomes just ‘normal’.


I’m not sure if a relapse is ever ‘over’ In my experience affected ‘parts’ are never return to 100% strength and use.