I.m very newly dx so wasn’t sure which forum to use, hope it’s ok to use this one.

I’ve had a very swift dx but have suspected for some time that I have ms so it wasn’t a big surprise.

I have been suffering from a relapse for about the past eight weeks, but what doesn’t seem to make sense is that I seem to be really ill for a few days then I start to get better. Then the next thing I know I’m back where i was feeling awful and just wanting to sleep all the time.

This has happened three times over the last eight weeks, Is this normal? How will I know when this relapse is over?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ann Marie

Hi Anne Marie You will have good days and bad days whilst recovering from a relapse so what you are gong through is normal. With my current nasty relapse I will start to feel a bit better so I will go overboard and over do it at work or with exercise and then I pay for it for a couple days. But even if I take it easy my symptoms ebb and flow i have been lucky that I haven’t had too many relapses but I personally feel that a relapse is over when I have a full day of not feeling anxious about my symptoms, where I go a day forgetting about my MS, but this is just me… For me recovery is more about how I feel psychologically than about a particular physical state I would be really interested to see how other people can tell when their relapse is ‘over’

For me, the latest relapse was being tired all the time, numb from the waist down and the gool old ‘MS Hug’! Started 25th July and all the mentioned symptons went by 25th September. Managed to carry on working and this was the first re-occurance since diagnosis last November. The symptoms for me just sort of wore away, as I like to think that the monster gave up for a while so back excersicing making the best of the time between relapses! Numbness receeded and hug relaxed over a period of 5 days. Tiredness will always be there but I know I need to reduce the workload I put myself through.

As jdog says, feeling psychologically secure is the first step to recovery.

I’m sure no one minds what forum you use

Coming out of a relapse can be unbelievably frustrating because of what seem to be set backs and how long it all takes in general. One day though, you will probably wake up and realise that, actually, you feel better! Not necessarily perfect, but better.

In the meantime, I’m afraid there is nothing to be done but try and stay hopeful, rest when you need to (but don’t overdo it on your good days!) and be kind to yourself. Do make use of whatever your MS nurse can offer you too (e.g. would physio help?).

Karen x

Hi Ann Marie,

I am the complete opposite !! My symptoms never leave me - however, some days they are worse than others and worse again when I have urine infections, colds etc, so I never know whether i am having a relapse or not. Recently i have developed some new symptoms whilst having the flu and obviously having the flu exaserbated the MS. The flu is over and the new symptoms have remained !

I saw my MS consultant yesterday and he is now sending me for another MRI , they are going to be inserting a dye this time. He said he just wants to check for further activity.

I think all of this is just so confusing - damn MS !!!

take care, keep smiling,


Hi Anne Marie,

I can only tell when my relapses are over retrospectively. I tend to feel short tempered, frustrated and generally under the weather in all sorts of ways when I am having a relapse. After a period of time (has been around 3 months with one of my relapses) I realise that I haven’t thought about MS for a day or so. I am less tired, feel more optimistic and just better in general. Best of luck in getting over yours quickly.

I have had great advice from people on this website. There will always be someone that has experienced symptoms like yours or who can just sympathise and make you feel a bit better. Don’t worry about posting. The vast majority of people who use this forum are caring and will not ridicule any query, no matter how nervous you may feel about posting.