Question about health between relapses?

Hi, can anyone share there experiences about their general state of health between relapses? What i would like to know is, between relapses do most people feel perfectly fine and symptom free or do you still have a lot of symptoms which get much worse when you relapse? i am back in limbo having initially been diagnosed with something other with MS but now turns out i possibly do have it. My symptoms have been continuous for about 3 months now following a “collapse” with sudden onset of very severe symptoms which settled down to what they are now after a few days. Some days better than others but on the whole problems have not left me and some have got a bit worse, waekness, vertigo and vison mostly. I kind of assumed that between relapses symptoms go away, sincere apologies if i have got that completely wrong, just wanted to know if it’s normal for RRMS to present continuous symptoms in some form or another? Thanks x

a relapse can last a lot longer than 3 months.

give it time and get lots of rest

carole x

Hi Bunny,

I agree with Carole a relapse can last a lot longer than three months. There’s another thread started by MrsH on this very topic.

But also, I’d say it’s not uncommon to have residual symptoms.

Remission really doesn’t mean a lot more than: “better than you were”. For some people, this might mean completely fine, but certainly not for everyone. In general, the longer you’ve had MS, and the more relapses, the more permanent stuff you tend to be left with.

Complete recovery from early relapses is not unusual though.



I don’t think I have ever been completely symptom free between relapses even after the first one. Some of the symptoms are completely invisible such as fatigue and the odd dizzy spell but I know they are there.

I also agree that relapses can take much longer than three months to recover from.


I never fully recovered from a relapse I had over 13yrs ago and struggle more now than I ever did :frowning:

I’ve had about 3-4 relapses since being diagnosed in April last year. I certainly have some symptoms all the time, pins and needles, balance issues, stiffness and muscle pain. I’m never completely free. I was diagnosed with RRMS but I do wonder if that’s correct.

Lynne xx