sorry if the question is stupid

Can you feel quite well in between relapses like you kind of forget how bad you felt ? x

I’ve just had a few days of feeling ‘normal’ so know what you mean. I had steroid treatment for a relapse a few weeks ago and assume it’s the effects of those. My problem is that I have overdone it and feel rough as anything today!

It’s my understanding with RRMS that you can recover completely but with each relapse there can be a trace of the symptoms left behind and not everyone will recover completely from a relapse - I think its the same with MS in general tho, we all have our own version of it!

So yes Serina, I guess that some people will forget but I understood that relapses are usually different symptoms each time???

As someone with likely PPMS, I always keep hoping for improvements as I still have good and bad days and some things have improved slightly… before I had my initial Dx I had awful L’hermittes but since the steroids, that is really barely noticeableand I can even forget it sometimes as it’s just not there. Vertigo comes and goes but mobilityin general doesn’t seem to get better no matter what I do :frowning:

Sonia x

Hi Serina,

It’s not a stupid question!

As so often with MS, the answer is: “It depends”.

Yes, some people do make an excellent recovery from relapses, especially early in the course of the disease, and have little sign they were ever ill.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, recovery from relapses tends to be not quite as perfect, and the damage begins to mount up, so people are left with more residual symptoms. The body still works hard to make repairs, but the more patches and repairs there are, the less efficient the CNS becomes, so some symptoms become permanent.



Thanks everyone for replying. I feel great this past few days, still have the odd old symptom which is coming and going but on the whole feel much better. Dont want to feel too hopeful. felt like this before and then everything retured with vengance. beginning to feel like its the calm before the storm. Have no vertigo/dizziness or imbalance, spasms alot less bothersome, numbness in hand gone. I suppose i’ll just have to wait and see and enjoy the moment x

After my first big relapse which lead to dx, I had 11 months of completely back to normal. I’ve since had another milder relapse, and apart from Some ongoing numbness and twinges in my right arm, I am once again “normal”. The only thing I do find is I get tired quicker now. All I can say is, long may it continue!!

Hi serina, not sure if u have ms dx; I don’t so my situation may be different. I have had CiS (basically ‘single sclerosis’) from one maybe 2 lesion(s) and my recovery is now so good I have almost forgotten what a freaky time it was when I had the symptoms

Hi Claire, i am undiagnosed as yet. Had an mri on Thursday and waiting for results. If it comes back neg then who knows but . Are they confident you dont have ms or is it a wait and see cenario

It’s wait and see. If I get another attack in the future (anytime) I will be dx MS. If not, it was a one off. No way of knowing for sure which it will be. Chances depend on various factors but are never sure either way. In my case it’s v roughly 50/50.

Thanks Claire, right now I am positive that i am feeling so well , trying not to think too much on mri results, if they show something i will deal with it , if not then i will just have to live with it if symptoms come back x