room 101

Okay guys. Let`s play this game on here.

Just to be different, can we not say we want to get rid of our illnesses, please? I ask this as we all know already, that thats the first thing wed get rid of!

I`ll kick off with;

I`d like to get rid of snow!

luv Pollx

…and wind! Especially when combined with snow - that;s what’s happening in Teesside at the moment. Glad I’m nice and warm inside!

Sarah x

Grey skies for me. Xx

The First thing l would get rid of is this Bloody Goverment , Happy Days. Margaret

Keep `em coming!




Poll, getting rid of snow is a great idea, I’m with you on that. It’s been sleety snow all day here, horrible. Cheryl:-)




i would banish all those that seem to relish at others misfortune…

ellie x

Guilt when you eat something sweet!

Middle lane drivers on motorway

Hi Poll I would get rid of dark evenings…I can cope with dark mornings as never up that early these days!!! Luv Linda x

Ellie, I think its called Schadenfreude - of course a lot of people would like to get rid of smart asses!.


Wasps. What purpose do they serve (other than to annoy people at barbecues)!!! They can’t have any mates!!!

oh-thanks peter-i didnt know that. stop being a schadenfreude or being schadenfreudeilistic?!

i will stick with my usual-ur opinion has been noted-and ignored!

ellie x


People with nowt nice to say!! & football!!!

Vans and 4x4’s that always seem to hunt me out in a car park!

What I would like to put in room 101 are those people who insist on switching on their rear foglights at the slightest hint of any fog. If you can see the normal rear lights of the car that is 100 yards in front youn don’t neeed your fog lights on because the car that is 100 yards behind you can see you. Also if you are in a queue the car, that is only 10 yards behind can see you, all you are achieving is dazzling that car. so if you are in a queue af traffic turn your foglights off