Just watching Robbie Williams on BBC 1. The guys got Charisma…very sexy…sings well too

:slight_smile: I’ve got tickets to see him next year! Luuuurve him!!!

I’m not jealous

That’s lovely for you

Of course he’s got charisma - he’s a fellow Stokie :wink:

Where are you seeing him next year? Missed him in July this year due to a family bereavement and have ALWAYS wanted to see him live.

Very charismatic…!

Ann xx

I’m going on 8th July at the O2. I saw him in June this year at Wembley and he was fab (also at the O2 last year and with Take That the year before!). I’ve had to make one concession now - buying seated tickets. I just can’t take the 5-6 hours of standing to queue for a good spot then to watch the show! X