Rizzo (Karen)


I do not know what happened and what upset Karen, but this lady gave all her time to answer us and I feel quite lost without her in my darkest moment I knew if I posted here Karen would reply and made me feel much better.

Hope to see her back soon anyone any feedback to what happened and when she will be back would be very much appreciated.



Hi Jan

Good to see you back again happy2.

Yes, Karen had a little break, but she's back with us again angel.

She is indeed such a help & so willing to pass her vast knowledge on to us. We all appreciate her.

You'll no doubt see her posting soon.

Bren x

Hiya Jan,

Karen is okay - she's been taking a well earned rest. 

She's back now though so I'm sure you'll see her 'posting' again at some point.

The Everday Living forum has a lot to offer, altogether there's a wealth of experienced ms'ers on there happy2some of whom do 'float' across the forums so there's always someone around who can answer your questions or worries.

Debbie xx 

Hey Jan! I'm here :-)

Someone took offence at a reply I did to them which, granted, was a wee bit "blunt", but even when I apologised for unwittingly upsetting her(?), she kept going on and started accusing me of all sorts so I just decided "enough! time for a break!" Of course, this is my side of the story!

Anyway, I'm back now, just not posting as much as before: I'd got into the habit of replying to everything, but there's no need for me to reply to things if I've got nothing to add. A few people have told me that they use the same system and because I was replying all the time, they felt they didn't need to reply sometimes. So the new way is less work for me, more variety of replies and generally more room for everyone.

Thanks for missing me though :-)

Karen x


Welcome back wise lady!

I know I haven't posted in a while but have read your posts to others. You have always been a vauble member on here and are soooo clever. You have helped me alot in the past too.


Thanks Pp :slight_smile:


Hi Karen, innit luvly when folks show their appreciation?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

we all appreciate Karens sensible advice.  She has helped me so much but i also appreciate your posts - you always make me smile and when i am down or having a rough time - i can rely on your posts to lift my mood.  So thankyou!

p.s. I hope you have got rid of all that fluff now? lol!!!  (we ave all done that one!! ha ha!!!)

Teresa. x

hi karen,

                bless you ,would be sad without you,have given hope and faith to so manyx.


                             hugs love boz xxxangelxxxx