Do you think rizzo will be back on the forum? I’m really missing her knowledgable posts :0(

I don’t think she will be back for some time if she comes back at all and quite rightly so - she has her own life to get on with and is having a well deserved break! To be fair though there’s lots of other forum members that are just as knowledgable as rizzo if not more knowledgable.

That’s what I thought, I bet she had an amazing holiday, came back and thought I need a break from all this! She did so much for so many people, I’m sure she needs some me time, I don’t blame her to be honest. Hope she’s having a well deserved break :0)


Rizzo came to my place in Australia for a holiday and was sadly bitten by a red back spider in the dunny and is now buried in my back paddock. Don’t expect to see her any time soon.

Karen on the other hand is back in England and enjoying time out from the Boards.


PS I’ll let her know people are asking after her… that is nice

What a shame she got bitten up the bum in Oz .

I can’t understand why some of the posts here are anon, lovely as most are??!!

Sorry to hear of Rizzo’s sad exit down an Australian dunny but wishing Dr Macrae a well deserved rest

Is there anyone else with a doctorate in neurosciences and who has MS and who helped people decipher their MRI reports? That’s a mean-spirited comment.

My thoughts exactly, petty and mean spirited with a sprinkle of jealously…

I didn’t read that as being jealousy- I think people read things differently on here. I think that the person that wrote it was probably inferring that there are other members on the board that can offer help and advice (they may not have meant that but that’s the way I’ve taken it). Going back to their point I think there are other qualified members on here - some of which have given myself personally invaluable help - as has rizzo. Tina, Val, Pat, Hobs, Dr Geoff etc have all been in my eyes extremely knowledgable as well and even though I’m sure we all miss rizzo let’s not forget that there are some other amazing forum users and to my knowledge there are a few trained doctors that use this site (I can’t remember all of their usernames and I’m not sure they would want people to know they are trained). Karen (rizzo) deserves a break - she has done amazing work on here and has left invaluable information on the sticky about the brain. She has also imparted wisdom to other forum users for them to pass along. I hope Karen will be back but I also hope she’s enjoying her time out from it all. Although do hope she’s coming to the wheatsheaf lunch!!!

I meant jealousy of someone acknowledging and thanking Rizzo rather than acknowledging and thanking either them or the person they THOUGHT should be thanked.

I`m gonna miss karen and her empathy for others.

Horrid about the spider bite!


Annons should have some balls and display da user name

Everyone is entitled to pursue other interests outside of MS and she’s be devoting alot of her free time here trying to
help for many years.



PS. It is me…Metal!!!

R.I.P. Rizzo.

Her epitaph should read M****issed R****ightly by I****nmates with M****any Scars.

Thanks for all you did.

Long Live Karen!



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…MRI MS…doh

Crikey Rizzo got bitten on the bum when on the dunny?! At least a drop bear didn’t get her lol. Hope Karens enjoying her break A xxxr

Karen certainly was really helpful with loads of queries especially with peoples mri reports. To be honest I think that she deserves an MBE or something like that for the help that she has given freely to so many of us. She is greatly missed on this forum. Before she went on holiday there was one poster that did offend her - I just hope that this was not her reason for taking a break.

I would like her to come back too - yet I also realise that she does need a break.

Moyna xxx

Karen deserves a break & for however long she chooses, she has always been an absolute wonder on here. I hope she takes a peek and see’s just how much she is appreciated. H xxx