Karen/ Rizzo

Hello all, I have been on the site very little but I am searching for a lady who gave me a huge amount of support when going through the diagnosis stage. She may not know how much she helped and if any of you know her could you please pass on my message.

Dear Rizzo,

2 years and 10 months ago, I was faced with the most frightening news of my life. I have MS.

You reassured me. You calmed me down. You helped me cope with daily life without falling apart. You helped my kids, my husband my mum, my dad.

You told me life goes on, just differently. I didn’t believe you!

Thank you Karen.

Everything that you kindly took the time to tell me is true. My life has continued, it’s better! Lived for the day.

My kids have coped, as you told me they would! They are more considerate and kind and compliments flow about their happy demeanour and awareness of others.

My husband still buries his head in the sand. That’s ok. It’s how he copes, but he didn’t run for the hills, as you told me he wouldn’t.

I am sorry it’s taken so long to thank you Karen. Acceptance is like the diagnostic process. Long and angst ridden!

You didn’t know me, I don’t know you! The positive impact that you have had in our lives is immeasurable.

I no longer seek daily comfort and reassurance, selfishly, I don’t give it either.

Karen, if you ever get to read my letter, I hope that you are well and happy-your kindness in my darkest moments has not been forgotten and although it has taken me this long, my thanks are no less heart felt.

Thank you!



Hi Chris

Karen hasnt been on the boards for a while now,she needed a break.i think there are a few people on here who are still in touch with her Belinda being one of them, she might see this and pass your thanks on to her.

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Regrettably, rizzo is no longer with us.

Karen, however, is alive and well (as much as any of us are) and doing other things.

Perhaps her biggest service to the forum is the stickie guide to the brain, in the “New Diagnosis …” section.



Really lovely letter Chis! Glad to hear that you are doing so well! Teresa xx



i will let her know…


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Thank you to those who passed on my letter.


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Rizzo/Karen was a great help to many befuddled with results, written in swahili or whatever. She did her best to give repeat advice/explanations and yeh, it did burn her out.

I am nowhere near as knowledgable about MS or how our wirings work, but I also gave a lot of sincere replies with details about my own experiences, due to being mis-diagosed with PPMS for 11 years.

I have tried to allay peoples` fears when struggling to fathom the whys and wherefores with living with chronic illness.

I am weary now but still read the boards with interest.

much luv


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