Mega praise for Rizzo (Karen)

Hi everyone

I have been on this site for only about 3 months now (since I first got ON and MS was mentioned) and I try to read most of the posts on here.

Anyway, I see that Karen (Rizzo) always comes up with the most amazingly knowledgeable and wise advice for us all.

So thank you Karen… you are a complete star :smiley: and I definitely appreciate everything you do and say for us all ((hugs)).

Paula xxx

Claps Karen Woohoo, go Karen, we love ya, you’re awesome! i appreciate you always replying too, and you really are a fountain of knowledge!


Yes big thankyou from me as well :slight_smile: Sam x

And also a big thank you from me rizzo is an amazing help to everyone on here

Another thanks here, your knowledge is amazing and you are much appreciated Xx

We love you!!


you must have been reading my mind because i was thinking of posting something simular myself.

Karen helps so many people on here all the time and is very appreciated.

She helps so many but i never see her asking for help herself. So…

How are you Karen , atm?

Don’t forget - if any newbies are reading this - please thank someone when they have gone to the trouble of helping you. They have taken the time to help and may have had to look up info for you.

I see a lot of Rizzos replies without a little thanks and she deserves that at least.


Teresa. x

All 100% true - Kare,n you have been an amazing support to us! Thank you!


Completely agree! Thank you Karen. Sam xx

Theee cheers for Karen!!

U don’t do it for thanks but it is very much appreciated.


Hi Karen,

You know I totally agree with all the posts as I’ve said so before but once again THANK YOU

You are a real for this site.

Love Janet


Totally agree with all above comments! You are a wonderful wonderful person!!

You have helped me uncountable times since I’ve been on this forum.



I second all of the above! Thxs Karen!

Many times I have wanted to ask Karen about her own MS but she seems to be a private sort of person? I might be wrong.

When I first posted on this site in the middle of a terrible attack I was terrified. I posted and I think the only person who replied was Karen.

I always thank people who reply to me because it takes a moment of someone’s life to reply to a post.

It shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Thank you for all your time, karen. You give it generously and it is very much appreciated by so many here.


Deffo a big thank you from me too

sonia x

Karen is absolutely great - I love her motorway analogy for the spinal cord!

Hear hear!

Three cheers for Karen

Thank you Karen for your mindful of information. Your replies make good reading, cheers.

Cathy x

Thanks everyone. Not necessary though!!!

LOL at me being a private person - I’m probably the exact opposite in real life! Always happy to share (even when the other person doesn’t want to know!) :slight_smile:

For those who wanted to know, I’m fine. In remission and doing well on Rebif. Life is really good

Karen x

The first time I posted on this forum it was Karen who replied the first with wonderful tips and advice. Over the past few months she has been really helpful.

Thanks Karen for everthing.