A HUGE Shout out to Rizzo....

This is a message for Rizzo, to thank her so much for all her help and guidance during my diagnosis.

I have written a blog-post today about Limboland and have mentioned your help, and someone else has just posted a comment mentioning you too!

It’s today’s post at

Thanks again!

Choochy (aka Stumbling In Flats)

Woohoo!! Here is the other guilty party :slight_smile: Karen, I have just read your reply to why a good life is not over etc. and for me you are the reason why I know it’s not over. You go beyond the meaning of inspiration. You help everyone on here with superb knowledge and personal experience. You are the person whom I will never forget. Sam xxx

Awesome blog Choochy xxxx

… and as for Rizzo - I just hope she knows exactly how much she helps us - and how we all appreciate just how much time, effort and thoughtful care she puts into it xxxx

She doesn’t HAVE to do any of it - but she does - despite suffering from MS herself xxxx

She’s quite simply an angel xxxxx

Hi Kizzydane

Thank you so much for your comment! It keeps me sane, ranting and raving every day about something or other, lol.

Yup, Rizzo is incredible. Give the lady a medal!!! I think Rizzo should be nominated for an MS Society award…


Stop! You’re making me cry!

A massive thanks nonetheless - it really is appreciated

Karen x

Aw!! Don’t cry!

You are sooo welcome - don’t know how I would have got through the whole process without you!


PS Choochy, I just read your blog & love it! Kx

Hey, now you’re going to make me cry!! Thank you so much. It’s great fun and have made loads of friends through it.


A brilliant blog Choochy!!!

I have shared on Twitter…

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say! It keeps me sane…


I second this - Rizzo has really helped me during my first attack, and it actually is a huge comfort that, should the 2nd attack ever come - I will turn here first and trust in her valuable help!

What a fab blog and yes Karens praises can not be sung enough.

Cheers to both of you.


I’ve just read choocy’s blog - it’s brilliant, really made me laugh.

And of course, everything said about Rizzo is well and truly seconded by me!


hey guys,

thank you for the lovely comments! I highly recommend it as MS-therapy, lol.