Cheers to Karen rizzo

I'm new on this site but having read several posts I notice that Karen is such a proactive, lovely, caring, supportive person- so raise your glasses in cheers and thanks to her and her efforts for us all! (I'm sure there are others but she stands out to me atm)

Hin debc,


I'll go along with what you have said regarding Karen, when I first came onto this site and wrote how I felt she was/is fantastic. Her advice is sound and you know full well she understands what you say. I fear she has had to live with this monster for quite some time as she is so knowledgeable, I could be wrong.....................!


Janet x thumbsup



Hi all

I concur with your sentiments about Karen. She has helped me regarding areas about which I was ignorant.

She is also very bright with some impressive scientific qualifications,so she is able to disseminate info to us all and help us understand too.

Thanks Karen

Teresa xx

I totally agree she is a great person she was so supportive when i was going down the long road to a dx an still to this day she always try’s her best to answer any questions i may have. Thank you so much Karen

Take Care

I couldnt agre with you more  Debc.

Karen helps a lot of people in a very humbled and happy way and explaines each situations/question in a way we can comprehend.

Thanks for all your time and energy Karen.


Two of my most favorite advisors as well as Karen and who keeps us updated and informed is

our Poll and Anitra.

And of course everyone who shares their expiriences and wisdom in order to help out and enhance our well being.

xxxx to you all..xx..Maria.

Thank you so much! This really does mean the world blush

Karen xx

Karen has been absolutely fantastic in helping me to understand my MRI results, taking time to review them for me and explaning what they mean, in simple terms.  She is so understanding and knowledgeable and a great help to many of us. 

THANK YOU so much Karen for all that you do.angel



You are more than welcome :-)


Yes Karen  it is great to have the benefit of well considered advice filtered by your  highly efficient bullsh*t detector and incisive mind. Many thanks.

Karen, is also a lovly person too.



I'm impressed by the "ms storytime". Really helps a thickie like me understand. Cheers Karen and all who have helped me!


MS land would certainly be a much harder place to be without our rizzo



Absolutely agree with all of the above, thanks for everything

Ditto all the above thank you Karen…and all of you who take time to answer our posts x

Sorry to be late to the party.  I'd certainly like to raise my glass to Karen for her helpful and supportive advice.

Mr S

Still blushing blush


Thank you all (even those of you who should know better!!!)



Reading my post back it seems terribly stiff and formal. What I meant to say was thanks Karen for all your help and support. It has helped to steer me safely through rocky waters to the shore!

Thanks a million

Teresa xx

What a wonderful post!

Here here - three cheers for Rizzo angel

An absolute credit to The MS Society Forum whose input is invaluable. A true lifeline to many who may not be able to get help elsewhere, particularly those in 'limbo' who have just embarked on their journey.

Keep up the good work! Your efforts are truly appreciated....

Thanks again everyone.


Enough now please?! Embarrassed! LOL!



                          I know you are embarrased Karen lol, but just want to add how helpful and lovely she has been with people who dont know what is wrong/undiagnosed of us, being particular helpful about MRI scans and what to maybe say to the doctors, im now waiting for a 2nd opinion as i feel my neuro wasnt looking into things enough, im still soft and it was my hubby who asked for it in the end  but  a lot of people have been a great help on here, mainly Karen, take care hun hope you are okay at the moment :) Chris xxxxxxxheart