Rib fracture

Hi all

so I posted about ms hug a while ago and how painful it is. Spoke to neurologist who said not ms hug as one sided and thought due to posture. I recently had breast cancer and then under oncologist again as gp concerned pain lasting too long. Then investigated for secondary breast cancer but found that I have a broken rib!!!

just wondering how long this is going to take to heal as I’ve had pain for over 3 months and I thought that fractures heal within 6-8 weeks. But we all know our ms people take far longer. Any thoughts??


I guess it depends on if there is any other damage done and a rib torn from the cartilage can take significantly longer. Nasty painful injury though and hope you recover soon.

argh! painful blighters those cracked/broken ribs. i cracked a rib in the days before ms got me. i was a nursery teacher and spent my days either sitting on the floor or sitting on one of those tiny chairs. sitting down and getting up again was agony. the only treatment is to have them bandaged up tight, but i decided to do without this. it did heal but it felt like forever. hope it heals quicker.