MS Hug

Hi Everyone

I’m now into week two of the horrendous MS hug

I had one earlier in the year and it lasted a week. How long can I expect this pain to last and does anybody have any helpful tips on how to deal with the pain.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated. I’m at my wits end with it now and it seems to be getting worse. It was getting better last week but on Friday I made the really stupid mistake on attempting my skills at doing the NZ haka . Now its worse.

I’m stupid I know, please don’t judge me

Impossible to say how long it’ll last I’m afraid…do you have access to an MS nurse? You might get some help there…or your GP probably provide some pain relief.

You’re not stupid & I won’t judge you…but defo no more hakas!


Hi vivster,

I’m currently in limbo with dx, next neuro appointment hopefully soon, but I get the “hug” around my chest and it is so painful. GP gave me codeine, I went to see physio privately and he gave me deep breathing exercises and stretching arms slowly out in front then moving slowly round to touch at the back ( can’t get more than half way) it does help as the hug feels like it is crushing my chest and I can’t breathe, breathing exercises and stretching my chest takes my mind of it as well.

hopefully others will have advice for you.

Hi Vivster,

You and me are in the same situation - as had my first MS Hug the other week. I’ve talked about it but never been on the receiving end of a hug before. Mine lasted a week or so, before easing off but I think its left me with a constant ache/pain in my lower back, which is really painful in the morning before I warm up. There’s not much you can do but take pain killers when its really bad I am informed, but check it out with your doctor just in case.


Hi everyone

Thanks for all your comments

It turns out I have a broken rib and wasn’t the MS hug after all

It got broken from a severe bout of coughing. Who would have thought it?

It has taught me the lesson that maybe I shouldn’t blame MS for everything and of course not to attempt the haka