ribs spasms


this afternoon i was coming home with a friend when he asked me what the ms hug is.

i explained it and gave it its proper title - the grip of death.

about half an hour ago i felt those awful spasms start.

last time it lasted 3 days and i was ready for a swiss clinic!

how can you feel that your ribs are being broken from inside?

cup of tea and bed methinks.

carole xxx

Hope it passes soon Carole.

((((((Hugs)))))) nice gentle ones!!


thanks noreen

making that cuppa, putting pyjamas on and going to my favourite place.

bugger my immune system!

carole x

Hope you feel better soon Carole. Take it easy. C xx

Hope it stops for you soon.

Snowqueen x

Hope you feel btr soon xx

The MS hug, horrific! U feel like u can’t breathe. Hope it doesn’t last as long as last time Carole x

thanks for understanding.

i took all my painkillers and muscle relaxants, went to bed with a brain of mush.

just woke up with hug gone and brain still mushed!

much better than that agony!

would like to think that tomorrow will be much better.

maybe the cafe overlooking the reservoir for lunch.

it’s good for the soul.

(the view not the lunch)


That sounds like a very good plan Carole.


Awww Carole.

I get this so much. It’s horrible.

Like you say it’s either horrific pain or a brain full of mush. When I take all my muscle relaxants it even affects my speech and swallowing but at least the pain subsides.

Enjoy your lunch sweets.

Shazzie xx

Oh, sounds horrid Carole. I have only had the hug during my biggest ever relapse and I remember it well. Like being crushed by a boa constrictor. I have had the odd spasm in my ribs since but they only last 5 minutes and not for hours so I can cope with that.

Hope you have a better day today x

where would we be without our vast arrays of meds?

seems to have gone properly as i havent felt a thing.

thanks for being here for me to vent to and for your empathy.

empathy is the thing i can’t get anywhere else.

love to you all xxxxx


feel like someone with giant hands has put their palms on the base of my back and are squeezing my chest with their fingers.

After three days it has eased a bit…

tis a real pain!

i took loads of muscle relaxants and felt really drugged up.

still feel a little spaced out.

carole x