Rhod Gilbert (NOT MS)


As the title says-Rhod Gilbert-he kicked off his tour last night and I had the privilege of being there. If you like his sense of humour then well worth seeing-I will never look at a potato in the same way again!

Ellie x

Hi, I have seen him a few times on tele. His duvet experience tired me out. His shouting and pounding up and down the stage is too much for me.

nevertheless, i am glad you enjoyed his show.

What`s the potato story then?

luv Pollx

Hiya Pol

Potato is all part of his show-hilarious!

I can understand why he is too much for you-I just ignore that malarkey-easy when I have 4 kids! He is a talented man.

Just read your own post-sorry to hear your sad news-hugs.

Ellie xxx

Thanks Ellie.

luv Pollx