just daft jokes! (not MS)

Afternoon my little fellow icicles!

Oooh, innit it chuffin` cold? Got me fleece blanket round me, but it keeps getting caught up in me wheels!

Gonna sit in me recliner shortly.....warmer there! Wheelies are so cold to sit in, eh?

Purpose of post................a free concert was advertised for the over 60s...starring Johnny Casson.

Anybody like him? it was Des O`Conner who introduced him to tele, a while back.

He`s just a good daft joke comedian. And he`s from our neck of the woods.

I saw him eons ago in Halifax town centre. We were both looking in the same shop window. It was just after I`d seen him on tv and I said to him, `Hello Johnny. I watched you on tv the other night. you really cheered me up when I was feeling low. you`re coming to the Victoria Theatre soon, aren`t you?`

He replied, `Aye lass, i`ll go anywhere for brass me, tha` knows.` Brilliant!

Anyway, i`ve won tickets to see him in March. Can`t wait, for a good daft laff.

luv Pollx

fantastic- not come across him- ill google him!.

lucky you

have a great time



tassells? what tassells?

luv pollx

The plot thickens…the hoist and the tassells?

Nope, still claiming ignorance of the subject…must be my cognitive thingy letting me down, eh?


luv Pollx