I was wondering was it normal to be referred to Rheumatology.  I was diagnosed in July so it all a bit new to me.




I have also been referred to Rheumatology as I have a numb area around my right knee, not sure whether this is due to the MS or bone so I think the theory is to eliminate bone which leaves the MS as the problem so as we all know nothing can be done.  Don't know whether the following, all suffered from in the last 12 months, a frozen shoulder and trapped sciatic nerve at the bottom of my back, has anything to do with my referral.


Fibromyalgia is a disease similar to ours (they get a lot of pain and are on similar drugs, they also suffer with fatigue). My friend who has this disease sees a Rheumatologist. It is quite common to have both diseases I believe.



Hi Ingrid,

There’s quite a lot of overlap between Rheumatology and Neurology: some rheumatological complaints even cause CNS damage similar to MS.

I was initially referred to Rheumatology, but only when we didn’t yet know what was causing my problems. I had a lovely young rheumy, who was convinced “something” was wrong, and determined to get to the bottom of it.

However, when I went back to see him, it turned out he had been unhappy in his post, and had left. So I saw someone else, who discharged me with a diagnosis of “wear and tear”, and a recommendation to take ibuprofen.

This meant I spent a further four years undiagnosed, before I ended up at the right department (Neurology), who immediately sussed what the problem was.

I think the initial confusion was understandable, as my symptoms weren’t obviously neurological, at the outset.

However, I really can’t understand a referral to Rheumatology when an MS diagnosis has already been made. I can only assume you have other symptoms not adequately explained by MS, and they want to check nothing else is wrong?

Otherwise, sorry, don’t know. Why not just ask your doctor? He or she must know why they’ve referred you.


helloI started of by seeing a rhumatologist who dx me with Ankylosing Spondylitis, then Lupus but I had symptoms that he wasn't sure about so he told me to ask my gp to refer me to a neurologist who after many, many tests said I had RRMS. I still see the rhumatologist as well as the neuro. So I can't see why you can't see more than one consultant. I have got CNS desease and it is all connected.

Hope this helps.


Janet x