iam having alot of problems with my hands ,pain and numbness . not sure whether to try and get doc app as iam sure they will think i have nothing better to do, last time i went docs with it he said no point doing anything until you have seen neuro, i saw neuro last week who just dismissed me .

any suggestions ?

Hi Destiny,

How do you mean by “just dismissed you”? Because they didn’t think anything was wrong? Or because they do think something is wrong, but can’t say what it is or how to treat it without further tests? Or because they DO know what it is, but there’s no particular treatment for that type of symptom?

Any of these is possible. Without knowing more, it’s hard to tell. But I do know I’ve never heard of a drug that’s effective for numbness. You might get something that helps with pain, but numbness is usually something we (folks with MS or suspected MS) have to learn to put up with. It often, but not always, improves by itself over time. Many MS symptoms come and go.

In very bad cases - usually where symptoms are disabling rather than just uncomfortable or unpleasant - you may be offered steroids, but these only help speed up the body’s natural healing process. They are NOT a cure for numbness in themselves.

I suppose next steps depend on exactly where you left it with the neuro. Does he want to see you again? Does he say you need more tests? If he stated point blank there was nothing wrong, then you are entitled to ask your GP for a second opinion (from a different neuro). Or you could try a different tack, and ask what else it is likely to be, and maybe get referred to a different discipline. For example, neurological and rheumatological conditions often share symptoms in common, so if Neurology genuinely can’t find anything wrong, it might be that Rheumatology would have more luck. I started the other way round: referred to Rheumatology, who couldn’t find anything, and discharged me. Years later, after things worsened, I found out it “should” have been Neurology. I use “should” in the loosest possible terms, because I don’t feel anyone actually made a mistake. The Rheumatology referral was reasonable, based on my symptoms at the time. It was just bad luck that we didn’t get the right department first go. But these things are hard to diagnose, so it can happen.

I do not think your GP will treat you for the numbness, because, as I’ve said, there isn’t any real treatment (that I know of). However, it’s still worth requesting an appointment to ask: “Where do we go from here?”, rather than expecting to come home with pills that will fix it - which may be unrealistic.


I have an appointment with nuero in febuary ,i just had bloods done and mri at hospital , nuero thinks its not nureological . so isnt expecting anything abnormal to come back, i have bloods done with doctors before i saw neuro which only came back with insufficent in vitamin d3 and my iron stores are low but iam not anaemic .

will call neuro secretary to get a sooner app if i can as she wasnt expecting my mri to be done so quickly .