reviewing the situation....not ms

So sorry to hear about Ron Moody’s death today. Remember seeing. Oliver! at a preview in Manchester, feel very old now! please can someone help me here though,hubby thinks I’m making this up, that he did a Tv series where he was a detective transfered to San Fransisco (comedy)…I’m not going mad (honestly) not been on here for a while,not been too good,but feeling a bit better now

I remember seeing him in a one man show at the Theatre Royal, Stratford (not on Avon) and he was absolutely hilarious. In fact, he kept telling the audience off for laughing at the serious bits (well I think Shakespeare is funny).

What really surprised me was how athletic he was when climbing from stage to the boxes and generally leaping about. A very talented bloke and never quite got the recognition he deserved.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Nobody’s perfect…

not you but the Ron Moody TV Series in the USA… I think it was called something else over here (it wasn’t actually called that but I’m sure you get my drift.)

So glad you are feeling better.


So I’m not making it up then, I know it was a long time ago and seem to remember him throwing his coat and umbrella on to the coat stand, then again hubby says he’s never seen Oliver either

Maude, You are very correct - and so is Neil. Nobody’s Perfect - a comedy about a scottish detective transferred to USA.

Wish we could see it. Shall look out for a dvd.

Ron Moody and Christopher Lee… not a good day!

It was on telly here,Uk , maybe they could show it again, they don’t mind constantly repeating Morcambe and Wise and Only fools and horses at every opportunity.

The TV series was Hart of Ham Yard! I managed to track down the name through IMDB, so you can be all smug with hubby now!

Oops - brain hasn’t kicked into gear yet. It just called ‘Hart of the Yard’!