One man 2 Guvnors

Having finally managed to get a Tesco delivery slot I’m relaxed now and finally got round to watching One Man 2 Governors for free on YouTube it expires on the 9th.

Over two hours of mayhem, continuous breakages of the fourth wall, nearly spat my tea out twice laughing, thoroughly recommended absolutely no current affairs or misery. Best comedy I’ve seen since Spamalot (not that I’ve seen loads)

Hi Dolly daydream,

I watched it last Thursday , didn’t manage to go to the cinema when it was show.

James Cordon has great comic timing. I watched it with a glass of wine, small bag of popcorn and a small bag of revels, just like at the cinema.

The National Theatre are showing something every Thursday on Youtube. Other theatres doing the same.

Joseph… Dreamcoat with Donny Osmand.

Jesus Christ Superstar…

National Theatre at Home schedule

  • Thursday 2 April: One Man Two Guvnors by Richard Bean
  • Thursday 9 April: Jane Eyre by Sally Cookson
  • Thursday 16 April: Treasure Island by Bryony Lavery
  • Thursday 23 April: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Just what we need to keep us entertained.



Is it on Netflix…is it a film?

Just realized it expires today. ry to catch it tonight when I`m goggleboxing!

Glad it made you laff…we need to laff…


No it’s a stage play (modern farce) on YouTube, according to National Theatre website it is only on till the 9th April, I’ve been too wrapped up this last few weeks so only felt relaxed enough to watch yesterday.missed Joseph saw superstar at the theatre years ago, I’m hoping that after the current list many more will be put on YouTube maybe Oklahoma with Maureen Lipman or War Horse.

Just watched Miss Saigon on Sky arts, got the Les mis concert for tomorrow (again) should have been going to see it after dropping the colour…next year maybe.

Tripping predictive text!

On you know what I mean!

I’ve just checked out of curiosity to find that One man 2 Guvnors is still on YouTube uploaded by a YouTuber known as railway Central it’s a full show all two hours 40 minutes, just in case you missed it.

all I typed in was one man two guvnors.

Hi all,

I believe the National Theatre will have a stream now for the next 7 days of “Jane Eyre” which I certainly intend to watch at some point over the Easter period, having enjoyed like some of you, James Corden’s ‘One Man two guvnors’ the other day!

The other thing I have discovered is live streams over the next few days from the Royal Albert Hall website. They had Rufus Wainwright performing at his piano at home last night. They’ve got Alfie Boe performing on Sunday night from 7.30 pm and I am very much looking forward to them showing content from ‘Brassed Off’ live next Wednesday, which will then link up with a showing in full of the film at 9 pm on Film Four!

Really good that people are being so creative and offering these streams to keep the nation occupied :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip off Matt.

Dolly Daydream should have put a different title - ‘things to watch during lockdown’, or something!!

Jen x

I did join in the previous discussion on that but this was more urgent as it only supposedly had 24 hours to expiration. And indeed is no longer available through The National Theatre website.

i also thought the previous post on “what to watch during lockdown” was too old to revive now, and was also thinking of people who like me had heard of One Man Two Guvnors that missed it at the theatre or couldn’t have gone to see it.

but now I’m thinking of people that wouldn’t have been attracted to the title! Should I revive the last discussion?