Returning to UK


My wife and I are currently living in Australia. In January after 2 episodes in 2 years my wife with diagnosed with MS and put onto Gilenya. In six weeks time we need to move back to the UK - trouble is not sure where yet. Can a normal UK GP issue repeat prescriptions for Gilenya based on a letter from her Aussie consultant? Or will my wife need to see a UK consultant first? At best we will probably only have 3 weeks worth of pills with us when we get back so we will obviously need to get something sorted

Appreciate any advice


My advice to you is that if you can afford it pay for a one off private appointment with a neurologist at a private hopsital. That way you will be seen straight away and put into the nhs system quickly. I only have a contact for an excellent neuro in London who you could see but don’t know if you plan to be living in London or not. Lisa x

I know an excellent one in York that does private work

I know of two excellent Neurologists in the Southampton area who also do private work.

Theres a Dr Lily in Leeds who has a good name as an MS to specialist. You will also need to register with a GP surgery to get repeat scripts.


I expect your GP will refer her to a Neurologist, then look at any documentation you have, plus contact her Neuro in Australia.

I hope everything goes smoothly!

Take care and welcome home :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but would bet the farm that only a consultant neurologist will be able to prescribe it over here.

You want to do everything you can to avoid starting from scratch, though (by which I mean being put through here - again - all the pre-GIlenya testing that is required before someone here starts on Gilenya). So if I were you I would get from your consultant in Australia a full written briefing to be handed over to the UK consultant neurologist (once you have one), detailing the whole MS history and the background to the GIlenya recommendation, and chapter and verse on the pre-GIlenya tests that were done in Australia and what the results were.

Good luck.