Retriving your Buddy List - (Tyronerose)

Retriving your Buddy List - (Tyronerose) by TYRONEROSE » Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:12 am Morning all, couldn’t sleep so ended up taking out the laptop, big mistake as have ended up on here longer than I intended so heading to bed now but before i go wanted to let you know something i have just discovered in my insomnia induced surfing frenzy lol It is possible to retrive your buddy list, i have just done so I did a google search inputting MS Society and my username which brought me up the old site at then was able to login, read old posts copied and pasted whatever i wanted of the old threads and saved it to a google doc so i could have it for future reference. Then i went into my buddy list selected all the info and did a quick paste job into my friends list here via the user control panel. Then as the add buddy option on the new forum accepts multiple adds at once with one line per username i just had to delete out the unneeded data and hit submit. (ie the message user/real name/status columns from the old buddy list i had copy and pasted into the add buddy box) Buddy lists restored yeah lol although a few ppl not on the new site yet so jotted them down a post it to check up later when more people have migrated. Hope this makes sense to you all as tired and brain on go slow mode now, bed calling night all Roisin xo