Please does anyone know how to find your Buddy list?


With me if I click on the right, Inbox 0 Outbox 8 I get a 404 Not Found Eeek

So what I did was click new email (lower down on the right) then my inbox outbox posts shows up,
I clicked onto someones name from past message then to added that person to buddy list.

Once you re-add someone to your buddy list the buddy list section will display on the right everytime you visit the forum.

Its still a little bit around the houses and would seam my previous humble buddy list was reset.

I gather if the reset did happen then buddy list section will not show up until you add someone to

your buddy list for the first time.

Hope this helps, its a bit around the houses my description. but hey

Thanks for this


Can anyone please tell me how to find and connect with buddies


The ‘buddies’ facility doesn’t work on this forum any more.

The way to make friends with people is to start a conversation/thread and get talking. If there’s someone you particularly feel a connection with, you can send them a Private Message. It’s then up to them if they want to respond.

Best of luck, and welcome to the forum.


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Thank you Ssssue. I won’t be able to do that I don’t think because I really don’t have a clue how to. Many many thanks anyway for trying.

Hello again

The way the forum works is that someone starts a thread. To do this, you hit the tab marked New Thread (just above the list of existing current topics). You give your thread a title, then post whatever you want/need. Perhaps if you have questions, need to know something specific, want to pass on information, or just introduce yourself.

To reply to an existing thread, you do what you did before, just post your thoughts/questions underneath the initial or subsequent comments.

To send someone a private message, just hit the tab labelled ‘send the author a message’. A new page will pop up with the persons user name in a box and another, larger box underneath into which you write your private message (aka PM).

Best of luck


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