Results of MRI

Hi everyone,

I’m a 27 year old female waiting on results of an MRI test.

My my symptoms appeared after my first panic attack, I woke up the next morning and the right side of my body was numb and my swallowig was affected. I could swallow but I had to concentrate to initiate it. I never lost my ability to walk, but the days after I lost the ability to hold a knife and fork, it was more the coordination of the fingers, and the same difficulty with pens and make up brushes. I had pins and needles on my right calf and right arm and lips, and half my tongue felt semi paralysed that affected my speech to the point that only I realised, it would scare me when the right side of my tongue would just freeZe.By now I had gone to to a and e but by the time the neurologist had travelled from a different hospital in london to see me, my fingers had become a lot better, but worsening the next day and getting better again. I passed all the neurologist physical exams and he said he was 95 percent sure my MRI would be ok, but he still booked me in for an emergency or a couple of weeks later.

During the next couple of weeks afte that, my hands felt weak, and like as I was holding things tht they wanted to open. I had MAJOR brain fog, I literally couldn’t work.

Fast forwarding 6 weeks, all the tingling has gone, my hands feel fine, my tongue is fine, but I still sometimes get days in a row where my swallowing is bad. This happens if I’m extremely tired or stressed, so far it’s been ok for 3 weeks. But half my body still feels semi numb, like if it were at 100percent fine before, I would say it’s 80percwnt fine now. Cold and hot don’t feel the same as my left.

years ago I went trough a stressful period and it felt Like my right leg didnt belong to me, it wasn’t numb to touch, but it’s like I couldn’t feel it in my brain almost, from the inside. This got better a few weeks later, and every so often I get a little bit of tingling if I’ve been eatin badly.

I personally feel like this sounds like relapsing remitting MS, it’s just thrown me off that the neurologist thinks it will be fine because I passed his physical exams.

Its a a worrying time for me :frowning: I’m already an anxious person x

Hi I can’t really comment on your symptoms but just wanted to say I totally understand your anxiety! I have had a repeat MRI ordered after my previous results and there are a few things on the table - one of which is MS (believe it or not this is the one I am hoping for). But my scan is not until beginning June so as I don’t have fear of phone call at present I feel reasonably ok - but after that scan I know I will be a total mess waiting to hear outcome. So just wanted you to know you are not alone worrying it is completely normal. FYI I passed all of the tests carried out by the neurologist but it didn’t seem to change her opinion that ms was an option. Take care x