After many months of waiting and a complete breakdown of communication from the community OT who seemed to think if they ignored me I’d go away, the portable step I was offered last November but wasn’t ordered until March has arrived and will be delivered this afternoon.

Things are looking up!

Yay, good for you! Can you order a replacement OT next?!

I wish! xx

Portable step? What`s it for? Take care using it yeh?


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Good news Flowerpot

Jan x

I have a portable step to help me step up to the doorstep - love it but still have to put my hand against the wall but it’s more of a finger-tips/balance thing, than a full on lean, like it was before the step

Sonia x

To help me get in and out of my home, making two small steps instead of one big one. It’ll help until the builder comes to fo the ramp.