Door step ramp

A while ago I posted about getting into my mum and dads house, I visit fairly often and they have steps then a long (well long for someone who can’t walk very well) path, then another few steps to the front door. I asked if anyone thought a bought ramp would work so I could go in in the wheelchair. Thanks for your replies. So we bought a ramp, the first set of stairs were a bit difficult in the wheelchair even with the ramp so there s another way in at the back. The ramp wasn’t perfect but worked well enough so used it on a few visits.

Anyway last Sunday when we visited my dad decided that he could make a better ramp so he has knocked some bits of wood together and now we have a very good ramp. I think my dad enjoys these kinds of job so he was really pleased with himself.

The other problem is once you get to the top of the steps there isn’t a path, just little stones to the backdoor, but dad said he would look at laying some slabs so that should make it all pretty good.

Anyway a good solution because it was getting so difficult I was almost looking for excuses to not visit and the best bit is…the bit of cake and cup of coffee when I finally do get inside, lol.


Awe your Dad sounds a marvel.  My dad also used to love solving problems.  Yes the cake and coffee are a reward for making the effort to visit.  They must love your visits and are making sure you dont miss.


Watch the waistline (:o)




Hi, glad you solved the problem. Your dad is showing how much he loves you by doing this for you. Bless him...and your mum too, if she is baking the cakes!

luv Pollx

Bren ,isn’t it funny how dads like that kind of thing, and thans for the warning about my waist line. Yes Poll, sometimes my mum bakes her own cakes and sometimes she just buys them, delicious anyway!


Awww, I miss my dad.

He was a complicated person, and we weren't always close, but he used to be able to fix anything, too!

Nobody ever taught him, that I know of, so I don't know where he got it all from.  But dads are like that, aren't they?

I remember him putting up the curtain rails in my house.  I don't think those curtain rails will EVER come down (so let's hope I don't fancy a change).

I've never actually put it to the test, but I'm confident I could swing from them, and that if anything broke, it would be the rail itself, and not my dad's fixings.




Hi Tina. I’m not surprised you miss your dad, he sounds lovely.

I don’t know why but you are right, dads seem able to fix anything, I hope you don’t fancy a change of curtain rails Tina, but please no swinging from them anyway, lol.


Hi Cheryl

I'd like to borrow your Dad and Mum - both would be very popular and welcome ;-))) I'm really pleased they've sorted things out for you - I miss my Mum and Dad.

;-))) Mary

Thanks Mary, yes mums and dads are good people.