A Christmas moan.

Why, as i am the one in a wheelchair (when out) with a 3yr old child, can’t people come to my house?, where its easier for me to get around, why do i have to go/need to go to peoples houses?

Hi Catt, I think it’s possible that people might think it’s easier for you to go to them… not having to deal with visitors, provide food & drinks, deal with mess etc etc etc.

So you need to speak up! Tell people it’s easier if they come to you. Explain why and I think they’ll then be happy to come to your house.

Pat x

I know the feeling I’m the one who can’t walk and my friends want me to visit them all the time, but they never come and visit me. When I went for a meal the other week I was the one that had to book and make arrangements to take me and pick up my friends.

Hi, I wonder if your friends think you are happy to visit them and they see it as getting you out and about. They probably dont realise the difficulties it poses for you.

There are a tiny handful of people I go to visit in their homes. otherwise folk come to me. If my wheelchair doesnt go in, then I dont either!

luv Pollx

Hi all,

Actually, I prefer to go to somebody else’s house rather than they come to me. I find socialising very tiring, but how do you politely ask someone to leave your home when you’ve had enough? At least when at someone else’s home I can just say that I’m tired and need to go home.


My ‘problem’ is that my b’friend has 3 brothers (1 is in a bunglow though), who all live in hses with steps to get in and stairs to get to the loo, only his mum has a downstairs loo, but ‘big’ steps to get in, there will be 7 children ‘charging’ around and i don’t feel that the adults understand, my parents hse is v.good (we are going there on the 26th), at least my daughter knows to move out of the way when i am trying to move. Maybe it will be o.k/bearable, i hope, but am not looking forward to it.