Wheelchair access problem

I was able to walk about 25 yards with my rollator out to my car, but since a bad fall in the shower six weeks ago I’ve had to use a wheelchair . I’m hopeful that I can build leg strength soon. My problem is that there is a high step, about twelve inches, from my front door to my porch. There isn’t enough room for a ramp. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to negotiate the step ?

12 inches? That`s a hell of a step hun!

My wheelie has a kerb crawler…oops I must stop saying that…I mean kerb/step climber and the max it can manage is 4 ins, so 12 in is a problem indeed.

What about gettin someone to place and cement a lower step below the existing one? Any good?

Dunno what else to suggest, except that I hope you get the strength back to negotiate it yourself.

Having said that, wouldnt it be a good idea to get an OT out to look at the step for long term use?



l would have thought a piece of ‘half rail’ - used for fencing could be put against the step to enable your wheels to negotiate the step. l have seen it used for cars where they have not a dropped kerb. Or a couple of curved bricks. Have a look at your local builders yard - see what they have. Got to be a simple solution.

Bump. As there is a post today re ramps that might help