restless leg

hi everyone

await results from my test, but having a nitemare with both legs, from the knee down i have terrible restless leg…feels pins and needles like spiders crawling on them!!

they are grand when on my feet but react as soon as i sit down!!

help :frowning:


tonic water is good for restless legs as it contains quinnie although you can just ask the gp for quinnine tablets.

hope you get a better nights sleep tonight

love mandy xx

Bananas and mushrooms are good too apparently!

Karen x

oh gosh sounds bad in both…aloot of people do suffer this…me including…and the feeling like things are crawling under my skin…or as if warm water is being poured down the back of my leg!!

good suggestion re tonic water and bannaas and mushrooms…:slight_smile:

I get this either the night following hard exercise, or when I haven’t done any exercise for a number of days. So, for me it’s regular modest exercise that’s the answer.

I’m defo going to try the bananas and tonic - don’t think the mushrooms will go too well with it though. Not a sensible enough combination for me obviously!

Mr S