Rest or not?

severe pain across shoulders especially on left side with pain in upper arm. (also pain in lower back which I can manage.)

Should I rest the left arm as much as possible or keep it ‘active’ - did some weeding yesterday - pain really bad today.

rest it tomorrow and go for a pint!

that’s what your arms are for.

crap how if you have the energy to do something practical you always pay for it the next day.

carole x

Hello my luv,

I know this might sound strange but it could be the ‘MS Hug,’ or a derivative of it see

If I was you I would see your MS nurse; especially if it continues.


Same here, atrocious pain in the arm, spine and back of the neck and still drag my sorry ass outside to do the garden. I have bought a small step (it is a children’s step that is supposed to be used to climb onto the loo when loo training), it is low enough and supportive enough to let me sit on it and prod at the weeds with my bendy trowel, hammer and screwdriver! Yes my usual tools don’t work anymore, I can’t seem to grip them and use them at the same time, so my large screwdriver is used to hack at things in a very unladylike motion till the weed root gives in.

I do twenty minutes a day if I can then when the pain gets worse, give it a rest. I have been for some years training my weak arm to get stronger, so I change sides when hacking at the plants. I have had to give in to get a nice lady to do the hedges.

Yesterday I enjoyed doing the garden, it looks ready for a big rest, then I had to go to bed for 14 hours. It was worth it. I have also decided to take it easy in the cold so I shall be putting up more bird feeders and put some acorns out for the squirrel. That way I can still have wonderful things happening without mauling myself about in the frost and going a over t like last year.