Respite funding

Hi,I’ve been the principal carer for my mum now 60,for the past few years.It is my full time job & I receive Carers Allowance for it weekly.I also live at home with her & my dad.Dad was the main carer until he himself took lung cancer a year or so ago,therefore he could no longer perform the day to day tasks alone.Mum has had MS for over 30 years & now is at end stage with the illness.I find the role very stressful & if possible I would like to go on holiday abroad with friends early next year for a week or so.I could only do this though,if my mum was in local respite care while I was away where my dad & other friends could visit her while in respite,she has never had respite care in the 30odd years,however her staying at home with me away isn’t feasible on Dad etc.Are we entitled to some sort of funding to assist in paying for the care.We live in Scotland if that is relevant at all.

Thanks in advance


Hello Alex, I don’t know what I would do without my daughter’s help. Talk to your GP they might have a fund/grant, mine offers £500 for a holiday, or try applying for an MS Society grant. Take care. Fay

hiya alex maybe they will be able to guide you re getting funding? or as fay says-the ms society. ellie

Hi, I`ve been getting respite funding for around 4 years now. It sure does help, as I have to pay for carers to go with me. I get £,2184 a year. We go in suitable hotels, which have all the kit I need, otherwise it has to be hired and is costly.

Other than this, your mum might be able to go to a respite centre, such as Aspire, they have 3 centres. Google it.

They have carers on tap.

To apply for funding, ask Social Services for an assessment. Sounds like it would be granted…as long as you dont have oodles in the bank!

Good luck chuck.

You need a break too. My hubby recently got a carer`s grant of £300 for a break away.