Respite Care Edinburgh

Hi I’m trying to see if it is possible for my mum who is 61 has end stage MS & is bedbound,to get a break at Leuchie house in east coast Scotland.I haven’t contacted them yet,really the break would just be a change of scenery for her & include her,as unfortunately she couldn’t go out on any day trips etc.Me & my dad both care for my mum,however due to my dad being nearly 70 now I do most of it.If her & my dad could get away together it would be so special to them both.Myself & my sister & mums grandchildren,would come along too,to visit & stay in a nearby hotel so we could all experience something different together.My main question/problem is how to get mum there,we live in Erskine outside Glasgow about an hour or so away,however as mum now can only travel in a stretcher if she has to go into hospital etc,is this service of an ambulance type travel available elsewhere? The thought of mum being stuck in the same bedroom or a hospital ward for the last 10 years & nothing else is really upsetting to her & the whole family.We would like to get her what could very well be her final outing.Any answers or advice most welcome.Thank you for taking the time to read.

you could ask if the hospital can help.

they will gain from having a free bed on the ward.

they must be used to patients transferring to a different place.

hope it works out for you all.


Have a look on the website for Leuchie House: and perhaps phone them to ask for advice and maybe assistance.

I hope you manage to get there, for the whole family’s sake, not just your parents. You want to be able to enjoy a last trip with your mother.