Residential care and respite care

Hi all. Does anyone know of any specialist care home specifically for people with MS? I’ve had a tawl through the internet but keep coming up with care homes for older people. I’m looking for somewhere for a middle-aged person in the later stages of MS.

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi, I`m so sorry to hear how badly affected the person you are talking about, is affected by MS.

I think you could use some professional help here. Is a home the right way of dealing with the problem?

Perhaps good quality care in their own home is more appropriate.

In our doctor`s surgery, there is a person called Community Matron. When my ma in law had problems, this person flew into action and eased our minds considerably.

I understand every surgery has these people, but it is not a commonly known thing.

Why not ring and ask, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Boudica. Will look into it

leuchie house nr Edinburgh does respite care plus its a holiday centre.

Hi I don’t know where in the country you are, but the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability in London might be worth you looking at. The web site is .

H x