Repeated Botox injections


I’m very lucky to have had botox for my bladder and am waiting for my next injection(s). Has anybody else had repeated injections and if so did you go through the urodynamics tests again or bladder diaries etc? I’ve asked for Botox again as after 17 months it’s not as good as it was before (although it’s still better than before I had it done) and I just wondered if the doctor should have tested me or whether it doesn’t matter now!? As with everything M.S. you feel a little at sea and have to do the research yourself and I just wanted to hear of anyone elses experiences.

Thanks and as I said I’m so lucky to have had it done, it really does change your life.

BF x

I’ve had Botox done 4 times but last time it didn’t work and is a real pain. You don’t have to have urodynamics done again but they want a sample to test for any infection,

Thanks, that’s very helpful. Sorry to hear it didn’t work this time, have you looked into anything else?

Good luck.


I have been recommended for botox once various other investigations are concluded but have since got used to managing with large pads, with only one obvious public containment failure (fortunately not a place where I am known or have to return to). I am trying to weigh up what is going to be the bigger hassle, self catheterising at work every, I dont know how often, maybe every couple of hours, or just changing a pad. Does botox obviously win out?