Bladder control and Botox injections?!

Evening all I am hoping some of you can give me some personal feedback as far as having Botox injections into my bladder? I have been experiencing bladder weakness for a while now and have been seeing a bladder specialist about it, I’ve tried a couple different types of tablets different strengths but they don’t seem to be helping, so my specialist has asked me to have a think about Botox injections! Has anyone had them, and how did you find the experience? Did they help, did you experience many side effects? Thank you in advance Liana

Yes. I have been having them since the trial stages. For me they have been a complete success. You may have to self catheterise, but maybe not. You soon get used to it and it is a small price to pay for getting your life back.

Chuck out the pads and splurge on new undies!