Reliving my teenage years

Sorry if this offends anyone … I went to a Bay City Rollers concert on Sunday night

Les McKeown has put a band together and is on tour and he came to sleepy old Norfolk for one night only. It was too good a chance to miss, I didn’t have to leave my town and was home by 10.00.

If I took my specs off I could almost imagine that Les wasn’t grey haired, with a bit of a paunch … (Still, the audience had aged too lol.) They played all my old favourites and the odd new one as they are putting an album together (doubt if I’ll buy that tbh).

The audience were far too polite and stayed in their seats for the first half and I was itching to dance so … guess who was the first to get up and dance as soon as they came out for the second half? Yeah, the woman who should know better because she is ‘supposed’ to be disabled, ha ha ha.

I felt like a teenager for the first 10 minutes of dancing and then my legs told my brain to slow down lol!! Thankfully they played a couple of slow songs and then I recovered and could dance again for a while.

I missed yoga last night as I’ve had my exercise for the week!! My son thought I was getting a cold as I was a little husky. I can’t think why that might be

Now I’m back to being a sad, middle-aged woman again with achy legs. But it was good while it lasted. ♪Bye bye baby ♫

Tracey xx

well we sang shang a lang as we danced to the band

good for you tracey

carole x

Hi, what a great time you had! There`s nowt wrong wi enjoying a boy band luv!

Good for you!


He he he, it was so good to imagine I was young again. Cheesy pop at it’s best lol!

It’s probably a good thing I sat for the first half as I was late for work this morning . It may take a while to recover - again.

Tracey x

‘We want the Rollers. We want the Rolllers. We want the Rollers.’ repeat as required!

I was a Rollers fan back then too! I hope you had a good dance for me too. You were dancing for all the Rollers fans who are jealous you were there and we weren’t.

Hi Ellen

They’re still on tour so if you look up Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers show you might just find that they are coming to a venue near you :slight_smile:

Tracey x

Great that you enjoyed yourself. Take it easy and rest and recover.

I’ve come down with a stinky cold now which is really unfair as I’ve been eating loads of leeks, onions and ginger in the past few weeks which are all supposed to be good at keeping germs at bay. The only thing I have done is exert myself a bit … perhaps that is why I was soooo tired for the past few days, it was just the cold brewing.

On the plus side I’m having my 'flu jab later today so at least I will be safe from the 'flu.

Tracey x

Sounds like a fun night, glad you had a good time. Cheryl:-)

You know you’re getting old when Bucks Fizz are on the “track that takes you back” on Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2…32 years ago

Shang a lang…lol,

i am so jealous.i loved the bay city rollers,they were plasterd all over my bedroom wall,bet you had such a good time,being so nostalgic…

j x

Sorry to go off track here, but this post reminded me of something I partially scribbled a while pack. It has a Bay City Roller flavour. Here is a little extract…

Thou shalt not steal. I didn’t know all the commandments, but I knew that one – Pappy had said it, each time I reached a grubby little hand into the biscuit tin.

The longer I stood there, frozen as a choc-ice in that minimart aisle, the more afraid I became. I was sure that the blue checked overall was lurking just around the corner, an avenging angel that would seize me by the wrist, even before I’d managed to squeeze the goods into the high waistline of my box pocket trousers. Then a wondrous thing happened, a sign from God, as I thought at the time. Music from the radio drifted into my head. It had been playing so quietly that I didn’t notice it right off. But when my idols hit the airwaves, my heart wasn’t just beating, it was singing. We sang shang-a-lang as we ran with the gang

I was big enough and brave enough to run with the gang too. The Bay City Rollers were calling out to me, a guiding light in a chocolate flavoured nightmare. I don’t even remember what those chocolate bars were, but they were soon stuck in my waistband, hidden under the hand-me-down denim jacket. I walked - no I strutted - out of that shop, Shang-a-Lang beating in my head and my feet. And when I’d turned the corner, and ran down that steep hill, another downhill slope was beckoning.

Oh Anon

Good story, are you a writer?

That sounds like something we would read in a short story mag. Shang a Lang does have that devil may care attitude to it. I think that was the song that did the damage to my legs as I bounced a bit much and waved my arms around a lot too.

Funny, how perfectly normal enjoyment knocks the stuffing out of me these days but it was worth it.

Tracey xx