I was dx 2008 after complaining of a weak right leg. This has never gone into remission, Had further problems with numbness in left leg and slight weakness that always cleared up. I had left foot and ankle pain April this year that last a few days. Gp thought this was caused by stress on my left leg compensating for my weak right. All fine since then until last week, now I cant put any pressure on my left foot or move my ankle.
My question , is this a relapse? If my left foot was compensating for my right which caused the pain then surely it should never have stayed better for 5months. On Tysabri 12 months, due to see Neuro in November.

Morning Steve,

Check with your ms nurse because compensating, as I am for weak right side puts a lot of pressure on your left and your torso. You will get spasms and lots of weird pains.

Maybe she could send you to see a physio, but ask first and see what she recommends.

Just to say you are not alone.

Best wishes

Hi Steve

As Bren says. I have left leg weakness and have lots of issues with my joints in my right leg. I have had bursitis in my right knee which has been caused by my strange gait and over reliance on my right leg.
It is a very painful condition and is not resticted to knee’s.
Hole you get it sorted.