Relapse question

I realise this is probably a unanswerable question but was just wondering… I feel like my relapse could be coming to an end, my symptoms are easing and I actually feel like getting up and doing things. I’ve also got my appetite back which is great as I’d lost 10lbs in the last 2 weeks and was feeling very weak and feeble. I’ve been resting in a shady spot and felt like a change of scenery. It was a very slow gentle walk but it was really weird - I had to hang on to my husband, I felt drunk and found it hard to walk in a straight line. He’s got his arm in a sling so we must’ve looked a right pair! Apart from my hospital appt it was my first trip into the outside world for quite a while so I guess it’s bound to feel funny. Will this “drunk” feeling ever go away? I haven’t had any treatment yet so I’m hoping that may help.

Hi Hairbear

All the weird symptoms we all suffer from are a strange meddley arent they!

I wonder if the drunk feeling is because of the heat today? I too have found it particularly difficult the past three days (after feeling a whole lot better the week before that). I tend to stagger round corners rather than walk round them, and I have felt like I am walking like I have messed myself (which I havent!) these past few days too and my muscles in my right thigh feels so tight it hurts. Both my feet burn whenever I stand up too. Not nice eh.

Anyway I really hope you feel better very soon (and your husband does too!).

Paula xx


My head was mashed for months, i felt like I was on illegal drugs, never taken them but I can imagen.

Yes, even a liitle trip to the local shops was weird, hard work and confusing.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Clare x

OOOps sorry… forgot to say, things have improved massively since the relapse has passed. x

Thank you both, I’m optimistic that this “spaced” feeling will pass eventually. I think the combination of it being a hot day and my first day out of the house was just a bit weird. I saw a family I know out walking and was praying they wouldn’t stop to chat - not ready to bump into people in the street yet and tell them why I’m walking like a drunk!! Took a sleeping tablet last night and had the most amazing nights sleep so maybe that will help. It’s just nice to have the energy to lift my head off the pillow again. Have a lovely day and thanks for being here xx