relapse or not?


This morning I was fine. Come 2pm I was really struggling, my left arm which is a known problem has just about packed in it is so weak. Typing this is hard work. In the past relapses have slowly built up so I am interested in other people’s experience of relapses - have others had a change in the way relapses present themselves?


Helen MS has so many diffrent symptoms and we do not always get them all at once.I see no patern in my MS other than over three years its just got worse and worse it may give me a little mobility back 2-3 days every 4-6 weeks and thats about it.

But I can say there has been no patern to my MS other than its just always there.


Mine start slowly for 2-3 days and then the fatigue kicks in with avengence, and because I’m in can’t move mode I then notice all the weird feelings.,and bits that have started new symptoms.

My last relapse took me by suprise though because it only lasted about 6 wks (rather than 6 mnths) and on the whole my arm which was a new problem went back to almost normal.

Dont you just love having something that ensures life never becomes routine and boring!!!

Hope today is a good day


Hi Helen

Just read your post, sorry your feeling like this, it just sounds to me like you have exhaustion and fatigue at the moment which can lead to a relapse if you dont take note of what your body is telling you and take it easy for the rest of the day. I have been prescribed Modafinil in the past they help the body with the fatigue side of things and i felt like they gave me a boost but most of the time you just have to rest,

Hope ive been a help;

If you need to chat about anything just let me know.


I had a numb foot a few years back that left me unable to walk. Then a few weeks later I was suddenly weak down the whole of left side, unable to write, unable to put make up on. It happened very suddenly. I had something similar at Christmas where my arm and hand become so weak that I dropped a bowl of food on the floor. There was no build up, it was all very sudden. MS is weird at times and theere’s no fathoming it.

Take care