Relapse or just symptoms playing up?

Hi all

i was diagnosed a year ago, only relapse ive ever had was when I was diagnosedn(MRI confirmed it). This relapse was tingling and numbness in left leg. I have been on rebif for 8 months and all been going well.

For about a week I’ve been having tingling in my left knee cap, this is where my relapse started last time? It’s no where near as last time but its enough to notice?

i don’t know whether its a relapse or just symptoms playing up. I find it weird I only get this tingling in the winter, could it be the weather or should i ring my neuro? I’m due to have a follow up yearly MRI in two weeks so maybe I should just wait until then.

Does any one else get symptoms like this without it being serious?

Many thanks em :slight_smile:

hi em

let you ms nurse know.

the MRI technicians aren’t the ones to share your symptoms with.

check that you haven’t got an infection because that is what the ms nurse would do.

winter and this cold causes a lot of us problems.

take care

carole xx